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Five Tips For Keeping Your Carpets Clean This Summer

Jul 12, 2021 | Carpet Cleaning, Tips and Tricks

5 tips for keeping your carpets clean this summer vans chem-dry
5 tips for keeping your carpets clean this summer vans chem-dry

The summer is a fun time for many throughout Sacramento and Elk Grove. Whether that entails having company over or heading out to travel to some unvisited destination that you still have to cross out on your bucket list, it seems like there is always something on our schedule. The summer can also mean increased maintenance of your home’s essential surfaces, like carpet, tile, and upholstery, especially with the added traffic of hosting friends and family in your home. Carpets can especially take a beating. While vacuuming is a great start to try and eradicate the problem, nothing works entirely as well as professional carpet cleaning from a company like Van’s Chem-Dry to ensure that your carpets are dry, clean, and healthy for your family.

To make sure that you spend less time indoors, preoccupied about the maintenance of your carpets, we’ve put together a few simple tips – compiled from carpet cleaning professionals – to help you protect your floors. That way, you can focus on what matters most – enjoying a carefree and fun summer with loved ones.

This summer, keep these tips in mind when it comes to ensuring that your carpets stay their cleanest.


#1 – Vacuum regularly. 

The first tip should be a no-brainer, but it is surprisingly overlooked by most homeowners throughout Sacramento and Elk Grove. With the added traffic of the summer throughout your home, dust, dirt, and allergens will begin to accumulate at significantly quicker rates. Not only do these harmful particles wear down your carpet and dull their appearance, but they may also incite several different types of health-related issues in your family.

Make an effort to vacuum your carpets at least once a week. However, this may need to be increased, especially if you have kids and pets in the home who traditionally spend significant amounts of time playing on the carpet.


#2 – Spend more time outdoors, and be aware of tracking in dirt. 

A great way to help reduce the amount of dirt, dust, and allergens that make their way into your home is to create an increased effort to spend more time outside as a family. When you or anyone needs to return inside the house, encourage others to remove their shoes right after entering the door. This will prevent massive amounts of harmful particles from being spread throughout the home and allow you to have cleaner carpets for much longer.  

Consider buying a sign with messaging that clearly articulates that shoes should be removed outside before entering the home; that way, you don’t have to keep reminding guests. This will also help remind you to stick to your goal of having cleaner carpets.


#3 – Use rugs and doormats in strategic spots. 

We highly recommend placing rugs and doormats in strategic spots throughout your home in Sacramento or Elk Grove. These include high-traffic areas such as entries and exits from your home. High traffic areas such as a living room may also benefit significantly from the strategic placement of a rug to protect susceptible carpet fibers.


#4 – Act fast at the first sight of stains. 

The faster you act to resolve a carpet stain, the better your chances are at complete stain extraction to make it seem like it never even happened. The longer a stain sits on your carpet, the more it will settle and seep deeper into the fibers of your carpet.

For expert stain removal in Sacramento and Elk Grove, trust the powerful stain removal service from Van’s Chem-Dry.


#5 – Keep up with professional carpet cleaning. 

As we stated at the beginning of this blog, nothing beats the effectiveness of a professional carpet cleaning service – especially when it comes from Van’s Chem-Dry. Whether it’s using significantly less water for cleaner carpets or using a green-certified solution that’s safe for the entire family, even pets, our process outperforms all other traditional steam carpet cleaning methods in Sacramento and Elk Grove. A good rule of thumb is to have your carpets cleaned at the end of each season.


Carpet Cleaning In Sacramento and Elk Grove, CA

The team of professionals at Van’s Chem-Dry can help you keep your carpets in their best shape this summer! See what others who have used our carpet cleaning services have to say about their experience with us. Contact us today for a free price quote and to learn more about what our carpet cleaning process can do for you.

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