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The Benefits of Green Certified Cleaning Van's Chem-Dry

In Sacramento and Elk Grove, California, it can be overwhelming to choose the right carpet cleaner. Who will give you the most value for your dollar? How long will it take to dry? These are common questions most homeowners consider when choosing a carpet cleaner. Not all carpet cleaners will complete the task the same, nor will they always do it in a way that’s completely safe for you and your family.

Van’s Chem-Dry greatly cares for the Sacramento and Elk Grove metro areas not only now, but for the long-term future. This is why we’ve provided homeowners and businesses with a solution to not only get the cleanest and driest carpet cleaning experience possible but to also experience cleaning that’s safe for everyone, including pets. Chem-Dry has developed a natural and non-toxic way to clean carpets and upholstery through Green Certified Cleaning.

Benefits Of Green-Certified Carpet Cleaning

At the end of the day, the choice is yours when it comes to choosing a carpet cleaner. However, we want to present to you a few key benefits that come from choosing Green Certified Cleaning from Van’s Chem-Dry. For further information, learn more here.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

No other carpet cleaning company comes close to investing more time and resources in research than Chem-Dry. For well over two decades, we’ve sought to create cleaning solutions that not only eliminate vast amounts of allergens and bacteria but that are also entirely safe for the family and environment. Other carpet cleaners have used and continue to use harsh and damaging chemical ingredients in their solutions that can be extremely harmful to children and pets. These same solutions have also caused damage to the surrounding environment when not disposed of properly.

To protect families and the environment, we sought out to develop a better solution. Eventually, we found our proprietary carbonated cleaning solution, The Natural, using only naturally derived ingredients found on the FDA G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized As Safe) list. This flagship cleaning solution doesn’t contain commonly used chemicals or phosphates found in abrasive carpet detergents. Our process also produces better cleaning results than other carpet cleaners in Sacramento and Elk Grove with drying times of only 1-2 hours.

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Water Conservation And Faster Dry Times

Traditional carpet cleaning methods often rely on excessive amounts of water to get the job done. This causes many homeowners to wait a day or more before their carpets are completely dry and business owners to sacrifice significant amounts of time before they can utilize space again. This prolonged dry time also promotes the growth of bacteria and mildew throughout the carpet. Instead of getting healthy and fully clean carpets, you’re left with soggy and slightly cleaned carpets. Traces of the strong detergents used by other carpet cleaners can also be left behind and attract dirt and dust. This causes carpets to get dirty sooner and more money leaving your wallet for more frequent cleaning.

Again, Chem-Dry has provided a healthier and drier way. Our Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) carpet cleaning method is powerfully effective at removing dirt, allergens, and bacteria from carpet—all with using 80% less water than regular steam cleaning methods. As a homeowner or business owner, you can count on your floors being completely dry in 1-2 hours, not days. Our advanced powerheads, with the help of HCE, leave behind no traces of dirt-attracting solution so your carpets stay cleaner for longer.

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Eliminate Harmful Allergens And Bacteria

Not only do we ensure our solutions are safe and keep your carpet as dry as possible, but we ensure a thorough clean. Our non-toxic, eco-friendly cleaning methods also help protect your family by removing allergens and bacteria from your home. In a recent Home Health Study, it was found that Chem-Dry removes 98% of allergens from carpet and upholstery and improves indoor air quality by removing 89% of airborne bacteria. We also remove and clean pet urine stains.

Green Certified Cleaning In Sacramento & Elk Grove, California

If you’re looking for the cleanest, driest, and most environmentally-conscious choice for cleaning, you can’t go wrong with Van’s Chem-Dry. We know our word may not be enough, so take a look at what others in the communities we serve have to say about our process. We look forward to helping you have a better and healthier home with our Green Certified Cleaning!

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