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Carpet Cleaner’s Guide to Carpet Care in Sacramento

May 25, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning

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You want to keep your home in its best shape, and a lot of that can stem from the cleanliness of your floors. Carpets in particular can quickly become dirty if not taken care of properly. Although carpet maintenance can seem overwhelming, following some simple steps can help keep most problems at bay. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful look and texture of your carpeted surfaces for many years to come in your Sacramento home with a little TLC.

A simple Google search for carpet cleaning tips can also leave you overwhelmed with the return of information that you get. There are many promises for convenient and effective DIY methods, but the truth is not all methods work the same. In fact, depending on your carpet’s style, some of these methods could end up causing unintentional damage to the integrity of your carpet. Luckily, you have the team of carpet cleaning professionals at Van’s Chem-Dry to turn to.

We’ve proudly served the communities of Sacramento and Elk Grove with unbeatable carpet cleaning service since 1979. We know a thing or two about how to keep your carpets in their best shape for years to come. Working with many different homeowners, we have seen which DIY methods seem to work the best for keeping your carpets as clean as possible.

Our professional carpet cleaners can answer your questions and give your carpet the deep clean it needs on a regular basis. With our support, you can:

  • Lift away the dirt and grime hidden deep within carpet fibers
  • Remove stains effectively
  • Avoid damaging delicate fibers
  • Prevent your carpet from resoiling quickly

While simple at-home methods like vacuuming are very important for carpet care, you must be willing to invest in the proper level of care to get the most out of your carpeted surfaces. Getting the right level of care invested in your carpets will keep your Sacramento home looking its best, improve the quality of the indoor environment, and keep your carpets feeling more comfortable. You will be kept from having to invest in a newer carpet much sooner than you would originally like to.


Try These 4 Tips from Our Carpet Cleaners

Establishing a carpet care routine is the secret to exceptional cleanliness in your Sacramento home. Through a routine, you can help mitigate the amount of dirt, dust, and allergens that get built-up deep within your carpet’s fibers.

But which activities should be included in your carpet cleaning routine? Our team of technicians wanted to share with you four simple steps that you can take to have a healthier home from cleaner carpets. Reach out to us if you have any questions regarding their implementation!


Tip #1: Vacuum Frequently  

This should come as no surprise to any Sacramento or Elk Grove homeowner who wants to keep their carpets in their best shape. Vacuuming your carpets frequently will help to prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust. This also helps your carpets maintain their filter-like functionality to continue to trap more dirt and dust and prevent them from spreading further into your home. Failing to vacuum frequently can leave your carpets highly saturated with dirt and push it further into the backings of the carpet fibers. The appearance of your carpets will be left looking darker and less vibrant as well as feeling less plush and soft. It is also difficult to remove deeply lodged dirt once it has made its way to the backings with any normal at-home vacuum.


Tip #2: Promptly Deal With Stains

While we do our best to avoid spills and other accidents, they still seem to just be an inevitable part of carpet ownership. When a spill does occur on your carpeted surface, don’t panic. Take a white cotton cloth and carefully absorb excess pigment on the affected area. Do this by carefully dabbing the stain and not rubbing it. Rubbing or scrubbing at the spill in an attempt to clean it could cause the stain to settle in even deeper or spread to initially unaffected areas. Once you’ve done your best to clean up the stain by absorbing as much of the spill as possible, get in touch with the carpet stain removal specialists at Van’s Chem-Dry. We work hard to remove virtually any stain on your carpet. After all, our technicians commonly say, “if we can’t get it out, then no one can!”


Tip #3: Keep Dirt From Entering Your Home

It’s hard to prevent dirt from being tracked onto your carpets, but you can implement simple measures to greatly reduce the amount that gets onto your carpets. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is through the establishment of a “no shoes in the house” policy. A significant amount of dirt and other contaminants stick to the bottom of shoes and stick onto the carpet if you wear them inside. If you find it hard to enact such a policy in your home, consider an investment into door mats or rugs located on the inside and outside of common entry and exit points of your home.


Tip #4: Reach Out to Our Professional Carpet Cleaners

Experts recommend that you have your home’s carpets professionally cleaned by a carpet cleaner like Van’s Chem-Dry every six months to a year. This can depend largely on the amount of foot traffic that your carpets receive or whether you have to deal with other accidents like pet urine stains. The good news is that our process is very convenient for your busy schedule. When we’re done with our service, you’ll be able to enjoy clean and dry carpets in a matter of hours.

We also use a carpet cleaning solution that’s based off of nature’s chemistry and safe for the entire family! This way you can have greater peace of mind about what’s being applied onto your carpet and not having to worry about detergents crafted from harsh chemicals and other toxic ingredients, commonly used by other carpet cleaners in Sacramento. We also leave behind no dirt-attracting residue so that your carpets stay cleaner for much longer! This helps to ease the burden of caring for your carpets and keeps them looking their best.


Carpet Cleaning in Sacramento & Elk Grove, CA

Take the first step towards a healthier living environment in your home in Sacramento or Elk Grove with the carpet cleaning service from Van’s Chem-Dry! Call (916) 641-0144 today to schedule your home’s next cleaning appointment or to get a free price estimate for any one of our cleaning services. We look forward to serving you!

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