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With the advanced capabilities of vacuums and spot carpet cleaners today, you may question if professional carpet cleaning is worth the time and money.

Beyond just getting a clean carpet, there are significant benefits you can enjoy from having your carpet professionally cleaned. It doesn’t have to be hard to find the right carpet cleaner in Sacramento and Elk Grove with the advanced carpet cleaning offered from Van’s Chem-Dry. Here’s how revolutionary carpet cleaning from Van’s Chem-Dry can help make your home healthier and safer.

Improves Indoor Air Quality & Eliminates Allergens and Bacteria

Ever wonder what could be hiding in your home’s carpet? According to the Environmental Protection Agency, carpets are commonly full of some significantly hazardous things—like allergens, bacteria, dirt, dust mites, pet dander, and even lead. Toxic airborne gases also absorb into your carpet fibers and are then transferred from body to body or into the air you breathe. That’s a pretty scary thought, right?

Van’s Chem-Dry provides a solution to make your carpets cleaner than ever before. Our proprietary Hot Carbonation Extraction technique not only cleans the surface of your carpet but dives deep down into the fibers of your carpet to thoroughly remove harmful particles. Backed by an independent laboratory study, it’s proven that our carpet cleaning removes 98 percent of allergens from carpet. Our process also removes an outstanding 89 percent of airborne bacteria, largely improving the air quality inside of your home.

Prevents Mold and Mildew Growth

A common belief surrounding carpet cleaning is that it may further damage your carpets with mold and mildew growth. When too much moisture is used in the carpet cleaning process and floors take extended periods of time to dry, the risk of mold and mildew growth skyrockets. Plus, in humid areas, exposure to moisture is inevitable. 

Again, Van’s Chem-Dry is the smarter choice when it comes to healthier carpet cleaning in Sacramento and Elk Grove. We use about 80 percent less water than traditional steam carpet cleaning to prevent excess moisture from seeping down and damaging your carpets. Because we use such fewer amounts of water to clean your carpets, you can expect your carpets to dry in a quick 1-2 hours. This prevents any growth of mold and mildew from occurring.

Removes Carpet Residue That Attracts Dirt and Bacteria

Steam cleaners in Sacramento and Elk Grove rely on soapy detergents that deposit sticky residue onto your carpet. If not rinsed thoroughly and properly, this residue is left behind and acts as a magnet for attracting dirt and germs. This causes you to have to employ professional cleaning more often to get clean carpets again.

Van’s Chem-Dry gives you more bang for your buck. Instead of soapy detergents infused with toxic chemical ingredients, we use our specially formulated green-certified cleaning solution. This eco-friendly solution not only eliminates bacteria and allergens from your floors but the sticky residue, too. This means that you require less professional cleanings in the long run and a healthier home.

We Clean For Your Health Like No One Else

When it comes to carpet cleaning in Sacramento and Elk Grove, no other carpet cleaner does it better than Van’s Chem-Dry. Beyond carpet cleaning, we also provide a variety of professional home cleaning services including upholstery and tile cleaning. Our commercial cleaning also provides carpet cleaning for all businesses in the Sacramento & Elk Grove metro areas. If you’re ready to take advantage of a cleaner, drier, healthier home, enlist the help of Van’s Chem-Dry today!