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See What Makes Van's Chem-Dry The Best Choice For Carpet Cleaning

The Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning Difference

Van’s Chem-Dry uses an unmatched technique to clean your carpets better than anyone else in Sacramento and Elk Grove. While most carpet cleaners employ steam cleaning processes with their services, Van’s Chem-Dry uses a powerful Hot Carbonation Extraction solution. Comprising of millions of tiny carbonated bubbles, it enters deep within your carpet to the backing of your carpet fibers to lift all dirt and grime to the surface. Our powerful equipment then gently, yet powerfully, extracts the particles and carbonation solution from your carpet. You get a carpet that’s drier, cleaner, and healthier.

Drier Carpet Cleaning

Most steam cleaning machines pump vast amounts of hot, soapy water into your carpets to loosen and eventually extract dirt and grime. Often this can cause the soil to be pushed back even further, making it difficult to remove. While your carpets may be clean after a steam carpet cleaning, they will quickly become dirty once more from the trapped dirt and excess water that seeped to the carpet padding. The added moisture often causes the growing and festering of mildew and mold, and the leftover soap from traditional steam cleaning solutions attracts dirt and grime. Your carpets are unable to dry for excessively long periods and require frequent cleaning. Van’s Chem-Dry uses about 80 percent less water in its carpet cleaning process to give you carpets that are completely dry in just a few hours.

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Green-Certified Carpet Cleaning

Instead of using soapy detergents that contain harsh chemicals to clean your carpets, upholstery, and other home surfaces, Van’s Chem-Dry ensures safer cleaning and only uses solutions that are entirely safe for your family. Our flagship carpet cleaning solution, The Natural®, is made from ingredients on the F.D.A.’s G.R.A.S. list and works hard at giving you cleaner and safer carpets. You can count on Van’s Chem-Dry to provide an all-around healthier, cleaner carpet experience for all homes in Sacramento, Elk Grove, and the surrounding areas. Don’t waste your time and money only to have your carpets partially cleaned with detergents containing dangerous chemicals from steam cleaning – trust the proven Van’s Chem-Dry methods and notice a massive difference in just a matter of hours! We look forward to providing you with one of Sacramento’s best carpet cleaning services. Contact us today! We look forward to working with you and providing you with carpets that are drier, cleaner, and healthier.

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Van’s Chem-Dry Compared to Steam Cleaning…

Van’s Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction Method


Carbonating, active cleaning solution


No soaps or detergents


Virtually no sticky residue, fights stains


Low water consumption


Gentle application


Short drying time, 1-2 hours


Green, non-toxic solutions

Traditional Steam Cleaning Methods


Inactive, flat cleaning solution


Harsh detergents and chemicals


Leaves sticky residue that attracts grime


Uses high volumes of water


Requires high-pressure application


Drying time of up to 2 days


Excessive water usage can easily cause mold & mildew

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“Have used Vans Chem-Dry several times. Great service, reasonable prices. They do the job right!”

Mindy J.

“Rod and Dan have been cleaning my carpets for almost 30 years. Vans Chem-Dry is my most preferred company of choice. Exceptional service! Prompt, professional and the BEST there is!”

Theresa G.

“Friendly/Professional … Absolutely a great job and they didn’t mind listening and w/o an attitude.”

April T.

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