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At Van’s Chem-Dry, we provide homeowners and business owners with some of the latest cleaning tips in the industry to help them maintain homes and businesses that are drier, cleaner, and healthier. We also provide exceptional residential and commercial cleaning services to all of Sacramento and Elk Grove. These include carpet, upholstery, and leather cleaning, as well as tile and grout cleaning. See what makes us the best choice for your next professional cleaning appointment by seeing what others who have used our services in the past have said about their experience.

This month, Van’s Chem-Dry proudly presents our comparison between carpet and hardwood flooring. It seems like there is an ongoing debate about which type of flooring is the best for your Sacramento or Elk Grove home, but the truth is that every home is different. Each type of flooring presents various factors which merit consideration to ensure you select the best kind of flooring for your home. These factors include cost, installation, level of maintenance, and quality. To help out with the next flooring decision you have to make, we’ve provided a direct comparison of each to ensure you make the best choice for your family.

As always, reach out to the team of cleaning professionals at Van’s Chem-Dry for answers to common flooring questions and how you can best extend the life and boost the quality of the floors of your home in Sacramento and Elk Grove.


Carpet vs. Hardwood: A Comparison



If you are working with a budget, here is some helpful information.

Carpet: $3-$5 per square foot

Cheapest: Olefin, Polyester, Nylon

Most expensive: Wool

Hardwood: $8-$12 per square foot

Cheapest: Bamboo, Maple, Oak 

Most expensive: Brazilian walnut, Mahogany



While the flooring cost is vital to consider, it’s also crucial to select flooring that will be durable enough according to your needs.

Carpet: Needs replacing every 5-15 years

Hardwood: Lasts for over 50 years



What does the maintenance look like for carpet and hardwood flooring? How much do repairs cost, roughly?

Carpet: You can expect repairs to cost an average of $200

Hardwood: Many repairs can be done yourself through sanding and refinishing; however, more severe work may involve the employment of professional services, which can be a little more expensive than the average carpet repair cost.



Everyday cleaning makes a difference. Remember that Van’s Chem-Dry specializes in carpet cleaning that is drier, cleaner, and healthier than any other carpet cleaner in the Sacramento & Elk Grove metro areas, including Carmichael, Elverta, Gold River, North Highlands, Rancho Cordova, Rancho Murieta, Rio Linda, Rosemont, West Sacramento & Wilton, California.

Carpet: Easy to clean; dirt is less visible; stains may be difficult to remove – but not with the carpet stain removal service at Van’s Chem-Dry!

Hardwood: Easy to clean; dirt is more visible/harder to hide: most surfaces do not stain easily.



Hardwood typically has the best resale value in today’s housing market, so if you’re looking to sell your home, hardwood flooring might be the best bet. However, a new carpet could also do the trick. A deep cleaning will also help to revitalize your flooring if you are selling. Trust Van’s Chem-Dry carpet cleaning to give your dirty carpet new life and a more vibrant appearance when it comes time to sell the home.

Attributed to their higher resale value and other attractive features, USA Today found that 54% of home buyers were willing to pay more for hardwood floors.

However, many homeowners in Sacramento and Elk Grove still utilize carpet flooring for their many benefits. Especially for those who have babies, carpets are naturally the best option, as they are softer. The best carpet for babies would either be wool for its softness or nylon for its stain resistance. For families with pets, nylon is usually the best carpet choice due to its stain resistance and durability.


Professional Residential and Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Elk Grove and Sacramento, CA

If your home has carpet, trust the experts at Van’s Chem-Dry with your next professional cleaning appointment. We effectively remove virtually any stain and can also provide an industry-leading carpet protectant against future stains and mishaps to protect your carpet’s appearance and quality. We also offer various other professional cleaning solutions for upholstery, tile, leather, area rugs, and pet urine accidents. We look forward to serving you!



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