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It’s that time of year for holiday parties! With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even New Years coming up in the next few months, it’s important to have a plan to keep your home clean. If you’re having people over for these events, this especially applies.

Staying focused on the out-of-the-ordinary details of creating a successful event can be complicated enough all by itself.  Your list of things to do grows quickly and time is of the essence.

How do you prioritize things like preparing rooms for overnight guests or scheduling a professional carpet cleaning? Take a deep breath and know that we have your back. We’ve put together a guide to help you pull off a great event and, more importantly, ensure that you enjoy the holidays with family and friends.


The Week Before the Party…

Don’t wait until the last minute to prepare your home for guests. Deep cleaning and a few other simple tasks the week before will reduce your stress and save you time. Plus you can then sit back comfortably and enjoy time with family and friends.


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The Day Before the Party…

As a host, you’ll typically be very busy the day before a big holiday party. You’ll probably be spread between shopping, food prep, and other errands. If you deep cleaned previously, you’ll only need to look into a few touch-ups.

• Spot check the guest rooms

Move clockwise through each level of your home to keep track of where you’ve already been. Focus effort on areas your guests re sure to use or see.

• Dust

Use a dryer sheet as a dust cloth to pick up dust mites and eliminate static on surfaces.

• Pretreat Tablecloths

Reduce stains and make post-party clean-up easier by spraying tablecloths with a fabric protectant.


• Set up a “3-Stage Doormat”

  1. Place a mat outside to collect the bulk of snow, ice, and water
  2. Place another mat just inside the door
  3. Place a show tray or extra doormat to catch runoff as footwear sits inside the house.