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What Discolors Tile And Grout And How To Clean It


You’ve probably experienced how seemingly impossible it can be to keep your tile and grout from appearing dingy and discolored. Luckily, we have some expert tips for preventing grout discoloration and the best way to clean it.


What causes tile and grout discoloration


Of course, dirt and spills play a role in your grout becoming discolored. However, there’s an even more significant source that’s often overlooked.

Soapy residue left behind from mopping and cleaning actually deposits a sticky film that attracts dirt, bacteria, and stains. Because grout lines are lower than tile and their surfaces are extremely porous, this is an easy place for dirt and residue to absorb like a sponge.  

This is why professional tile and grout cleaning is essential. Not only is our equipment powerful enough to extract dirt and residue, but we use less water and only natural cleaning solutions that won’t attract more stains in the future.

We also apply a special sealant as part of the tile and grout cleaning process that makes your floors more resilient to stains by repelling liquid more effectively.


Tile and grout cleaning in Sacramento And Elk Grove, California


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