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Keeping a busy household clean and organized is often no easy task. It can seem like the rooms that were just cleaned become dirty again in just open day, especially if you have children or pets. That pile of dishes that took you over an hour to clean almost magically reappears after dinner time. Instead of questioning if you’ll ever have the entire house clean, the real question you should be asking yourself is why are you doing all of this work alone? Get your children involved and teach them how to properly care for their belongings and living space. Here’s how to do it in a few easy and simple steps.

Get Your Toddlers Involved (It’s Never Too Early!)

If you’re caught up in a busy schedule during the week with work, school, or other activities, it can seem like the only time you really have to devote to cleaning is during the weekends. We’ve all experienced those Saturdays where you end up never leaving the house because there is so much you need to clean. However, it does not need to always be like this nor should it be especially if you have children. 

Do you have a toddler with undying energy and excitement? Great! Use it to your advantage! Teach them to be responsible for one small chore, such as tidying up their bed or putting away their toys after playing with them. Just implementing a ‘one small chore’ rule on a daily basis, and you’ll notice the time it saves you. Get creative and figure out ways how you can make getting chores done fun for your children. Here are some of our favorites.

Implement a Reward System

No matter what age you may be, everyone could use a reason to stay on track. Head to your local school supply store and buy some markers, stickers, and a large sheet of cardboard or whiteboard. Make a list of the chores each week that you need done and assign each family member’s name to a few of those chores. Just make sure to keep the chores age-appropriate. After all, you want each child to feel good about themselves, not frustrated because the task at hand is too difficult to complete.

Together as a family, come up with a reward for a week’s worth of chores accomplished. Would your kids like to head out to their favorite burger joint? Or, would everyone enjoy a round of miniature golf? Implement a reward that will motivate your family to do a great job taking care of their personal belongings, and you’ll have a family that cleans together, sticks together, and makes happy memories, together!

Turn it Over to the Professionals at Van’s Chem-Dry

Beyond picking up toys, doing the dishes, and other everyday cleaning tasks, there are some things you still can’t clean entirely even with family help. Talk to Van’s Chem-Dry today for advanced cleaning for your home’s carpet, tile, leather, and upholstery for a drier, cleaner, and healthier home.

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