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It’s normal to begin to worry about the look of your carpets, especially if it’s been a long time since they were cleaned. The problem is, it’s hard to tell which products are really going to work and which ones are going to waste your time and money.

Maybe you’ve even asked this question because you had your carpets professionally cleaned and nothing seemed to change.


Should you use store-bought carpet cleaner?

A big problem with these is that they are designed to just take care of the stain you can see and mask the odor. They don’t do much to release the dirt and stains from deep within the carpet’s fibers. This isn’t to say that having some spot remover on hand is a bad idea – if you can get to a new spill quickly, you won’t need to worry about it soaking down.

These solutions also can’t really remove odor-causing molecules like a professional cleaner can.


Do professional cleaners work?

Depends on who you hire! Some pro machines use so much steam and soap that you may be damaging your carpets further. The leftover soap scum attracts more dirt and your carpets could get moldy with all that water.

On the other hand, our process works great because we use carbonation to extract spills and stains from deep down. Plus we use far less water and we leave no soapy residue. It’s a win-win.

We like to stand by our services. If we clean your carpets and the stains come back, call us again and we’ll come back by for free. Sometimes things just need another go-over with powerful equipment.


Will my carpet stains ever come out?

Honestly, there are some stains that are just too much. If you spilled ink on a white carpet two years ago, we probably can’t get that all the way out.

Sometimes there are filtration lines in carpets from air flowing under a door and these can be quite difficult to remove as well.

Anything else has a very good chance of being lifted out with our cleaning process.