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When carpets are clean and protected, they offer the ideal comfort for your home. They keep your feet warm and filter out dust and dirt particles from indoor air. Heck, they even act as an “energy conserver” by retaining warm air during cooler winter months.

On the other hand, when carpets pile up grime without professional cleanings they are much less effective in filtering out the air and they lose their true softness and color. Although that doesn’t mean that you can always feel or see the dirt pile up.

So how can you decide when your carpets need cleaning?


What’s Going On In Your Home?

There are a lot of things that can affect the cleanliness of your carpeted floors. Pets, kids, smoking, and a lot of foot traffic can put some serious wear and tear down. If you have any one of those things in your home, the general rule of thumb is to clean your carpets every six to twelve months. Conversely, if you live alone and your carpets don’t have any visible stains, cleaning them twelve to eighteen months should be sufficient.


How to Tell If Cleaning is Overdue

Take a good look at your carpets. Walk around your living room, hallways and bedrooms. Do you notice any dark spots or traffic patterns? Walk around the couch (where spills are likely to occur), or around your bed. Observe those high traffic areas in which you eat and drink; where your dog or cat tends to sleep, and where your children play and eat. Are there discolorations in those high traffic areas?

If you notice any dirty areas of your rug or carpet, then you’re well overdue for a professional carpet cleaning. (Ideally, you want to clean carpets before these dirty areas become visible.)


Preventative Maintenance

While there are many carpet cleaning services and products available, why not choose the healthiest one for you, your home, and the environment? Our cleaning solutions are proven to be healthier for your home with the ability to remove the vast majority of allergens and bacteria within carpet fibers. That also means that you can have the carpets cleaned less often than you would if you used a traditional steam cleaner.

Just remember that dirt, dust particles, hair, stains and odors can be difficult — sometimes impossible — to see in carpets. It’s safer to commit to a six or twelve month cleaning rule to keep a healthier, happier home.


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