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five reasons to have your carpets professionally cleaned

Many homes throughout Sacramento and Elk Grove have carpet, primarily because of its appearance and comfort. While carpet can be an excellent investment to have in a home, it’s essential to know how to care for it properly. While regular vacuuming is critical to do, most experts recommend that you have your carpets professionally cleaned every 6-18 months, depending on use. For those less familiar with professional carpet cleaning, the reasons or the benefits behind this service may not seem clear or understandable, which could be the reason you haven’t had your carpets deeply cleaned yet.

If you’ve heard about carpet cleaning but haven’t scheduled a professional appointment with us for your home yet, this month’s blog is for you. We proudly present the five reasons why you should have your carpets professionally cleaned.

Health Benefits

Your carpet is a massive trap for bacteria, allergens, and dust particles that make their way into your home. While vacuuming is a good start towards solving the dust problem, a significant amount of dust and the other particles mentioned above can still lodge deep into the carpet fibers and circulate throughout the air you live and breathe in. Nearly 1 in 5 Americans (roughly 60 million) live with allergies or asthma, which can be incited from dirt or allergens circulating in your home.

With the help of Van’s Chem-Dry, we can give you a significantly healthier home. Our green-certified carpet cleaning process is so effective that it removes an astonishing 98% of allergens and 89% of airborne bacteria, notably improving indoor air quality. Deeply trapped dirt and dust that doesn’t get removed by a vacuum are extracted by the power of our Hot Carbon Extraction process, using solutions that are safe for the family and pets.


Often the best care you can prescribe for your carpets is preventative care. Dust mite infestations are a common issue, yet most homeowners are not even aware of these microscopic creatures’ presence. They are a significant source of allergens that can trigger serve health problems. Yet, carpet care professionals like Van’s Chem-Dry have the tools and products to reduce and eliminate infestations. Carpets can also be at risk of developing mold, especially in areas exposed to humidity and rainfall. Annual carpet cleaning can prevent mold from spreading in your carpet and contribute to a healthier and cleaner home.

Not just any carpet cleaner will solve the problem, however. Because other steam carpet cleaners pump gallons of water to clean your carpets, the problem can sometimes be worsened. Van’s Chem-Dry carpet cleaning uses about 80% less water than traditional steam cleaners in Sacramento and Elk Grove. This not only means we significantly reduce the risk of mold growing on your carpets, but your carpets will be completely dry in about 1-2 hours after we’re finished. 


In addition to trapping dust, allergens, and bacteria, carpets can also trap and exhibit various not so pleasant odors. This is especially true for homes with pets, especially when carpets are exposed to pet urine stains. Even with available store-bought solutions, pet urine can be one of the most challenging odors to remove and stains to extract. Professional carpet cleaning companies, like Van’s Chem-Dry, are equipped with an arsenal of advanced tools and solutions to remove the toughest stains and set-in odors to give you fresh smelling carpets once more.


The best way to maintain your carpet’s appearance is through professional carpet cleaning. While vacuuming and spot-cleaning are essential, nothing will remove tough stains and restore your carpet’s original appearance like the unprecedented power of professional carpet cleaning, especially when it comes from a highly trusted company like Van’s Chem-Dry.

Extends the life of your carpet

When carpets are exposed to massive accumulation of dust, allergens, bacteria, stains, and other related issues for a prolonged period, they can quickly lose their quality in appearance and texture. Sometimes the problem can get so bad that carpets must be entirely replaced. Professional carpet cleaning ensures that your carpets have been thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, allowing them to look their best year-round and extending their longevity in quality. 

For years Van’s Chem-Dry has been the leading choice for the driest, cleanest, and healthiest carpet cleaning option throughout Sacramento and Elk Grove. Read some reviews from some of our most recent customers to understand more of the benefits your carpet can receive when you book an appointment with us. We look forward to serving you!

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