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The holiday season has arrived! At Van’s Chem-Dry, we wish you a safe and happy holiday season. No matter where you are this year, we want to help ensure that your home is the healthiest and cleanest that it can be with our services. Not only do they protect critical surfaces and significantly boost the indoor air quality of your home, but they also save you a lot of time so you can focus on your busy holiday to-do list. Don’t go deep clean your home alone; instead, contact us today and let us help!


The Importance Of A Clean Kitchen For The Holidays

While many different areas of your home can be heavily utilized during the holidays, the kitchen always seems to draw the most traffic. That’s because so many holiday traditions revolve around food and gathering with close friends and family around a table. Think back on some of the memories you may have of holiday dinners or making treats…

Perhaps you may have another big dinner or other holiday gathering coming up that will involve food. Before you finish your grocery list and get to cooking, it’s important to consider the condition of your tile surfaces in your kitchen. Especially during this time, having a clean home has never been so important, and it’s vital to ensure that your kitchen is in its best shape to protect friends and family.


Add Tile Cleaning To Your List

Think back on the last time you had your kitchen’s tile professionally cleaned. Perhaps you already do an excellent job at wiping down and sanitizing your countertops and tile surfaces regularly. However, professional cleanings are necessary to remove bacteria and allergens that get trapped deep in crevices and grout. Make sure not to use certain DIY solutions that can cause more damage than good to your tile when cleaning.

Van’s Chem-Dry can remove the deepest stains, germs, and dirt that have settled into your kitchen surfaces and make sure they’re safe for food prep and cooking. We’ve already helped many residents in the Sacramento and Elk Grove areas get their home ready for the holidays; see what they’ve said here.

Also, Van’s Chem-Dry can apply a specialty sealant to your tile. This sealant creates a strong barrier over these surfaces and provides additional protection from dirt, stains, and bacteria. This also means you get to enjoy cleaner and healthier tile surfaces in your kitchen for significantly longer.


Tile Care In Sacramento, California

The professional recommendation to keep your tile preserved and bacteria-free is to have it cleaned once each year. If your kitchen surfaces are due for deep cleaning, let Van’s Chem-Dry help!

Schedule your home’s next professional cleaning appointment with us today!

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