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What Are Your Goals?

The best way to keep your home clean is to stay on top of regular cleaning chores, rather than bust out short bursts of frantic cleaning every so often. Let’s set down some goals to do just that!

Watch our video tour of a healthy home:


Living Room

If your living room or den is highly trafficked through, then you might see quick accumulations of clutter. Don’t let that happen! Make sure to get rid of junk before it piles up.

Upholstered furniture and leather furniture should be cleaned by pros on a regular basis (once or twice a year).

Don’t forget the dusting. A little weekly effort will make your home air much healthier overall.


The kitchen is the source of the biggest messes in the house. Wipe things down ASAP and mop at least every two weeks. If you have stone tiles, continue mopping them but schedule a pro cleaning at least once a year to fight deep dirt and grime.


Experts recommend changing your sheets every one to two weeks. Stick to that schedule and don’t forget!

Be sure to keep dirty laundry in a hamper, and do laundry regularly – don’t let it sit for too long.


Clean your towels at the same interval as your sheets – ever one to two weeks.

Keep your eyes open for calcium buildups and get ahead of it. Keeping faucets shiny is all about regular cleaning.

Have porous tile surfaces professionally cleaned to fight bacteria from building up.

Clean the Carpets

Vacuum often, being sure to pay attention to baseboards, corners, and under doors. You can avoid filtration lines this way.

Industry experts agree that for the best home health, carpets should be professionally cleaned every 4-6 months. If neglected, carpets become full of dirt, bacteria, and allergens that will then float around your house where you can breathe it all in.

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