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importance of upholstery cleaingAre you finding yourself coughing and sneezing more and more inside your house? It could be that your upholstery needs to be cleaned. As your furniture gets older it gets more exposure to allergens, dirt, and bacteria. Your home is a place of rest and comfort, don’t become a victim. At Van’s Chem-Dry we have the tools necessary to clean everything from leather sofas to suede lounge chairs. You may think that upholstery cleaning isn’t that important, but we think you should reconsider. Here are a few reasons why!

Create a Healthy Living Space

If you check into a dirty hotel, what is your likely hood of staying there again? We feel more comfortable in a clean living space, and isn’t it important to nurture that in your own home. By keeping the bacteria, germs, and allergens at bay you will be able to lead a healthier life and create a more inviting home. Whether you only read on your furniture or eat and sleep on it, your furniture is place of gathering and can be a hotspot for germs if it isn’t maintained!

Save Time and Money

If not properly maintained your furniture will quickly discolor and lose its value. By cleaning your upholstery regularly you can eliminate dirt and bacteria, brighten it up, and make it feel like new again. Entirely replacing a piece of furniture can be an expensive investment and it’s hardly the type of thing people want to spend money on. By keeping a strict cleaning schedule you will be able to save yourself money.

At Van’s Chem-Dry we use an eco-friendly, carbonated cleaning solution that will give your furniture the deep clean you don’t have time to do yourself. Unlike other cleaners, our process cleans deep to blast away bacteria and allergens. Your family’s health and safety is top priority, which means that the health of your upholstery should be too. Contact us today to make your upholstery feel like home again!