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Tile and Grout Cleaning Outdoor Entertainment SacramentoNo matter how big your family or your home, it’s always nice to know that you can transform your patio and backyard space into the perfect place to entertain and party with friends and family. Use your back porch to its full advantage! While it’s chilly outside now, imagine how much you could use your back patio if you regularly maintain your deck or patio tile now? Keep that tile “like new” with these recommendations:


Utilize Super Durable Tile

The best thing about tile, especially during cold winters, is that it’s really durable and can withstand much rain, wind, sleet, and all the tiny feet that run around outside.  However, tile isn’t immune to other types of wear and tear such as cracking and mold damage. If you keep lots of heavy furniture on your back patio, you might want to consider placing protective mats below the furniture to protect tile.


Have you run into multiple cracking problems? If you’re sick of dealing with excessively cracked tile that requires hours and lots of extra moola to replace, then consider investing in some less abrasive patio furniture to use outside. In general, you should avoid furniture with harsh edges and instead opt for rounded bottoms on your chairs and table.  A high quality sealant will also work well to help minimize cracking – taking the time to learn which sealant is best will be worth the extra effort you put in.


Regularly Clean Your Tile


Cleaning your tile regularly doesn’t have to be a chore. Just use a few minutes each day and some everyday products to keep your tile polished and protected. Use a little tile detergent on a dry sponge and be sure to only clean your tile when it’s already dry.


If your outdoor tile is getting heavy traffic and you need extra help getting it clean, call Van’s Chem-Dry and let them take care of it for you! Our special cleaning products and powerful equipment are perfect for blasting away dirt and grime on your tile, leaving you with a beautiful entertaining space.

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