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Everything you need to know about your vacuum attachments and settings

Proper vacuuming will keep your carpet looking great and feeling soft. It’s critical to vacuum often to keep your carpets and air clean and fresh! It’s not a difficult task but all of us have wondered what exactly all the vacuum parts are for specifically.

The Common Vacuum Attachments

Radiator Brush – Best for radiators and vents.


Crevice Tool – A long, thin attachment used for hard-to-reach areas and crevices.


Upholstery Nozzle – You guessed it! Use this for vacuuming furniture, drapes, and mattresses.


All-Purpose Brush – Good for cleaning shelves and flat surfaces.


Dusting Brush – This comes in handy for vacuuming more fragile surfaces that require a more gentle touch.

What Setting Should I Use?

The majority of vacuums have some kind of knob close to the front of the base. This should adjust the pile height (the height of the surface you’re vacuuming). This particular setting makes sure that your vacuum makes solid contact with the carpet while still allowing airflow. So, when should you adjust these settings?

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Low Pile Setting: This is for flat, commercial carpeting. The vacuum will have good floor contact as well as airflow for suction.

High Pile Setting: Use this setting for wool, high pile, and soft carpet. This will skim the top surface of the carpet, allowing for adequate airflow and effective suction.

Bare Floor Setting: Hardwood floors or floors without carpet will need the bare floor setting. Setting the pile height too low can scratch your floors. If your vacuum doesn’t have this particular setting, stay away from bare floors.

What’s the Best Way to Vacuum?

When cleaning your home, use a top-down method. To begin, dust the blinds, furniture, and all other surfaces. This will push some dirt and dust to the floor where you can vacuum it up. While vacuuming, push and pull the vacuum back and forth in a slow and overlapping pattern. Make sure to move sideways about every four strokes. Focus on hard-to-reach areas like corners and edges.


Final Tips on Making Your Vacuum Last Longer

  • Remove all the hair, dust, etc. from the brushes. If your vacuums brushes are old and worn out make sure to replace them. It is much harder to clean if your vacuum cleaner itself isn’t clean!
  • Do not discard the vacuum’s instructions. You never know when you’ll need them.
  • Check the bottom of your vacuum often. Keep an eye out for bent metal or rough edges that could potentially snag your carpet.
  • Move the vacuum by the handle and not by the hose. Guiding by the hose can damage your vacuum.
  • As soon as your vacuum bag gets about ½ to ⅔ full, empty or replace it. Don’t wait for it to be filled completely.
  • Unclog the hose and adjustments as needed.


Becoming a pro at vacuuming will help preserve and keep your carpet fresh and clean for a longer period of time! All carpets get dirty with stains and bacteria. These tips will allow you to fight back with your vacuum handy. When you need a professional cleaning, look for Van’s Chem-Dry. A professional carpet cleaning helps to eliminate bacteria and allergens from your home.