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clean carpets new home

Buying a new home comes with a huge array of emotions. One minute you’re excited beyond belief and the next you’re incredibly stressed. Moving into a new home means you have a lot of work to do. Depending on the new house, you may need to set time aside to clean, paint, and/or organize. It can become a bit overwhelming.

On the bright side, there will never be a better time to get your new home in pristine condition. It’s a great idea to make sure the place is fresh, clean, and sanitized from the start.

Why Clean the Carpets?

Having your carpets cleaned before you move furniture in is a great choice for a number of reasons.  For starters, it is much easier to clean when you don’t have to maneuver around different pieces of furniture.  This also means that you can be sure that every part of your carpet is being thoroughly cleaned.

No matter how it looks, you can never be sure of how the previous owners maintained the carpet. While they probably had the carpets cleaned, you can’t be sure – and you definitely don’t know if they did a good job of it. If carpet cleaning is done lazily or the wrong way, it can often make the carpets more unhealthy than before.

Before you lay down on your fresh carpet in your new home, be sure the carpet is sanitized and free of dirt, germs, and other bacteria. Seek the absolute assurance that comes with Chem-Dry’s carpet cleaning.

The best part of cleaning the carpets is that it’s one thing you don’t need to handle yourself. Have us swing by for a couple hours and have clean, dry carpets before the end of the day! Let us take some of the stress off while allowing you to be much more comfortable in your new living space.

Start your new life off the right way with beautiful, fresh carpets – you won’t regret it!