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green carpet cleaning sacramentoA common question we get from many of our customers here in Sacramento and Elk Grove is “What kind of chemicals do you use to clean carpets?” Many people assume that since we use the term “Chem” in our name that our cleaning process uses some type of harsh chemical solution. That actually is not the case.
All of the ingredients in our main cleaning solution occur naturally; that is why we call it “The Natural.” Each of the cleaning agents used in our green-certified cleaning solution are listed on the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list. Not only are we providing an environmentally safe cleaning solution that is toxin-free, but we have also made it safe for your family, including small children and pets!

How do we get such amazing carpet cleaning results without using harsh chemicals? We use the same ingredient that allows club soda to remove stains from clothing, carbonation. By utilizing the natural reaction of water combined with carbon dioxide, Van’s Chem-Dry provides a deep, lasting carpet cleaning experience. We call our method Hot Carbonating Extraction, also known as HCE.

HCE In Action

During the first part of our proprietary process, we use innovative equipment to apply the carbonated solution, blasting dirt and grime from your carpets in the process. Immediately, an army of carbonated bubbles goes to work to break down the dirt that is attached to your carpet’s fibers. Then, the hot water extraction sucks all the loose material from the carpet, leaving behind fresh, spotless carpet.

Unlike steam cleaning, all of this is accomplished using minimal amounts of water. By decreasing the amount of water used in the cleaning process, we avoid leaving behind soapy residues that can attract more dirt and reappearing stains. Minimal water usage also results in faster drying times so your family can get back to enjoying your home as soon as possible. In addition, low moisture decreases the possibility of mold or bacteria growth from the excess water that can soak past the bottom layers of your carpet.

By using the cleaning properties found in nature paired with an environmentally safe process, we are able to ensure a deep, healthy clean that lasts. This is why we are one of Sacramento’s most trusted names in carpet and upholstery cleaning: Van’s Chem-Dry.

So, what chemicals do we use in our cleaning process? Only those created by Mother Nature – for a quick drying, healthy clean.