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Cleaning For The Paws

Supporting Rescue Pet Adoption Van’s Chem-Dry is committed to aiding families in maintaining a healthy and happy home. This is a commitment to every family member, especially pets! Van’s Chem-Dry is very proud to offer a variety of industry-leading cleaning services...

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How to Care for Rugs in High Traffic Areas

Maintaining Rugs in High Traffic Areas It’s very common for people to cover up high-traffic areas in their home with rugs to protect the carpet. But how do you protect your rugs? Well, it might seem like an impossible task. However, there are many ways to keep your...

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Surviving the Cold & Flu Season

5 Tips to Survive Cold & Flu Season Brace yourselves. Cold and flu season is coming... Sometimes it seems like every year we confront a new, more insidious type of flu. Of course, it’s not all bad. We get a day off work and can binge watch...

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Back-to-School Home Organization

Back-to-School Organizational Tips at Home Create a family event calendar to keep track of events. Use a whiteboard to be able to reuse the calendar every month. Color code entries to help keep activities straight for all family members. Place the calendar in a...

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Do Carpet Cleaning Products Work?

It's normal to begin to worry about the look of your carpets, especially if it's been a long time since they were cleaned. The problem is, it's hard to tell which products are really going to work and which ones are going to waste your time and money. Maybe you've...

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Home Carpets: Clean or Replace?

When carpets get dirty and worn, you have to decide if a cleaning will do enough or if it's time to replace it altogether. If you find yourself in this predicament, then take a look at some of our suggestions that you should take into account. Of course, carpet is a...

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Do My Carpets Need Professional Cleaning?

When carpets are clean and protected, they offer the ideal comfort for your home. They keep your feet warm and filter out dust and dirt particles from indoor air. Heck, they even act as an “energy conserver” by retaining warm air during cooler winter months. On the...

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You have probably noticed the black lines that sometimes appear in carpet along baseboards or doorways (see picture). These lines are called filtration lines because the soiling is caused from air passing through the carpet as it trying to filter through the crack...

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What Are Your Goals? The best way to keep your home clean is to stay on top of regular cleaning chores, rather than bust out short bursts of frantic cleaning every so often. Let's set down some goals to do just that! Watch our video tour of a healthy home:   ...

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The Guide to Offensive Pet Odors

Is Your Dog the Culprit? Treating pet odors can be difficult at times. Often, you'll spend time and money cleaning carpets and upholstery without treating the source: your doggo. We're going to walk through 5 different ways your dog could be the culprit and what to do...

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Checklist for Hosting a Holiday Party

It's that time of year for holiday parties! With Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even New Years coming up in the next few months, it's important to have a plan to keep your home clean. If you're having people over for these events, this especially applies....

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Carpets for Kids

Top 3 Carpets For Kids There are some inevitable truths about having kids. For example, you can be sure that your house will undergo some wear and tear. One area of your home that takes the most damage is the carpets. Mud tracks, paint, crumbs, you name it - it's all...

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Learn How Our Pet Odor Removal Works

For us at Van's Chem-Dry, pets are a beloved part the family. (That's why we think you should visit Let's admit it though: pets aren't always perfect and there is that occasional accident on the carpets. Dealing with pet accidents can be a challenge...

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10 Things Everyone Forgets to Clean

There are always spots around the house that are hard to remember to clean. Even the dirtiest spots get forgotten. See how many you're on top of: Door knobs and locks don’t just open up a portal to your home they also open a portal to nasty bacteria town....

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Should I Clean the Carpets Before Moving In?

Buying a new home comes with a huge array of emotions. One minute you're excited beyond belief and the next you're incredibly stressed. Moving into a new home means you have a lot of work to do. Depending on the new house, you may need to set time aside to clean,...

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Develop a Family Cleaning Schedule

If you manage a busy household of children and pets, then you know how hard it can be to keep your place clean.  Beds need to be made, floors need to be mopped, and dishes need to be cleaned.   Don't do it all on your own! Having your kids get involved will help...

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