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You want your home to be a place that is safe and healthy, where you can retreat and unwind. You probably don’t like to imagine all the unseen things that negatively affect your health lurking within your home. For example, when you think about the areas in your home that need to be clean most often (like bathrooms), you can probably imagine all the bacteria and other health-threatening micro-life that live there. Why allow little nooks and crannies in your walls and tile and stone to give those buggers a comfortable home to grow? Here you’ll find out why sealing your tile and stone on a regular basis is one of the most important ways to keep your family and your home healthy in the long run.


Why a Sealant is Worth the Work

It’s important to understand what a grout sealant is. Grout is made of sand and fills up holes effectively and cheaply. It does the job, but must be sealed correctly to last.tile sealant Since grout is porous and a breeding ground for bacteria, mold, fungus and dirt, applying protection to it is mandatory. A grout sealant accomplishes exactly that.


Give ‘Hotspot’ Rooms in Your Home Extra Protection

If you have beautiful tile in your shower, then you probably want to preserve it for as long as possible. Maybe your bathtub is your haven. If so, keeping your tile protected should be a priority. The moisture in your bathroom acts as a breeding ground for mold and mildew, so give these types of ‘hotspot’ rooms extra care and attention.

Maintain the quality and overall appearance of tile and stone in these ‘hotspots’ with a sealant so that your home can be the happiest and healthiest living environment possible. Why be so adamant on sealing?  When you seal dirty grout, stains develop that become near to impossible to remove.

As a rule of thumb, reseal your grout once a year for high traffic homes, and anytime it’s been deep cleaned, reseal it immediately. Do you have out-of-the-way, low traffic rooms in your home? Make sure not to neglect these areas by resealing it every 4-5 years.


Tile is An Investment

Don’t you deserve to get as much out of tile as you can—for as long as you can? Sometimes, regularly scheduled DIY maintenance isn’t enough. Sometimes, tile and/or stone deserve a professional, deep clean to improve its lifespan and allow you the peace of mind of a clean, safe house for you and your family.

Let Van’s Chem-Dry take care of the back-breaking work of making your tile look pristine. Using specialized cleaning solutions and powerful suction equipment, Chem-Dry can blast the dirt and bacteria from your tile, grout and stone, and restore your tile to a brand new look and feel.