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why upholstery cleaning is important vans chem dry

When was the last time you scheduled a thorough upholstery cleaning for your home’s furniture? From your office leather chair to your family’s living room sofa, keeping your upholstery clean and in perfect working order should be on the very top of your to-do list. Here’s why and how you need to keep your home’s furniture happy, healthy, and squeaky clean all season long.

It Provides a Healthy Home or Office Environment

Think of how you feel when you drive in a clean car or when you finish a long day’s work of deep-cleaning the house. No matter the place, it always seems to make you feel significantly better. Your home is especially more inviting. Clean furniture can also make you feel better, not only due to the inviting appearance that it provides but also from the health benefits that it can give. When you have your upholstery professionally cleaned from an upholstery cleaner like Van’s Chem-Dry, bacteria, germs, and allergens are kept at bay. Our process removes an outstanding 98 percent of allergens from upholstery and 89 percent of airborne bacteria

Our upholstery cleaning, including our leather cleaning and restoration service, powerfully revitalizes your furniture and allows you to breathe cleaner and healthier air.


Clean Upholstery Is Healthier

Just think about the time you spend on your couch each day and night, as well as how many different people touch and sit on it. If you’re like most, you may watch a few hours of TV, bond with your children over their day at school, cuddle with your spouse or even eat dinner there. Your furniture is a place of gathering, which means that when it’s not cleaned regularly, it can be a hotspot of germs, spills, and dirt. Who wants to sit in that?

While vacuuming is a good start, it won’t effectively eliminate allergens, bacteria, or dirt. Only Van’s Chem-Dry can adequately ensure that your furniture becomes and remains the cleanest that it can be.


It Saves You Money in the Long Run

Take a look at your upholstered furniture. Do they appear faded and not as vibrant as they were when you first purchased them? As one of the most popular spots in your home, your upholstery furniture can take a beating, which is why cleaning it is so important! Not only will it eliminate dirt and bacteria, but it can brighten up even the most faded furniture and restore it—and your home—to feeling ‘just like new’ again.


It’s Necessary for an Ideal Living Space

Replacing the old with the new can often be expensive, especially when it comes to upholstered furniture. Especially if you are on a budget, professional upholstery cleaning is a great way to save money by turning your old and worn out living room couch, loveseat, or antique rocking chair into like new again. Choose a safe, effective, and natural cleaner like Van’s Chem-Dry and clean it yourself in between professional cleanings.


Professional Upholstery Cleaning in Sacramento & Elk Grove, CA

Van’s Chem-Dry uses an eco-friendly, carbonated cleaning solution that will give your furniture the deep clean you don’t have time to do yourself. For years, we have been the leading choice for the best upholstery cleaning in Pocket-Greenhaven, Carmichael, Laguna Creek, Arden Arcade, and Elk Grove. See what homeowners and business owners have to say about our advanced cleaning service.

Call us today to learn all about our fast-drying process that blasts away bacteria and allergens. Your family’s health and safety is your top priority, which means that the health of your upholstery should be, too. Cleaning upholstery is a quick fix, especially when you make it a priority! Book your next upholstery cleaning with us here.

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