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What is it that sets Van’s Chem-Dry apart from other carpet cleaners?

the vans chem dry carpet cleaning differenceVan’s Chem-Dry goes above and beyond any carpet cleaner in Sacramento and Elk Grove to give you a clean home. Our process is unprecedented when it comes to measures in performance and effectiveness. We use state of the art technology to ensure complete extraction of dangerous particles from the surface of your carpet to the backing of carpet fibers to give you carpet that truly feels and looks like new. You won’t find anyone else that does it better than us.


What is it exactly that makes us the leading choice for carpet cleaning in Sacramento and Elk Grove? The answer is found in our equipment, products, and process. Each of these three components gives you carpets that are drier, cleaner, and healthier. With over 40 years of experience with cleaning carpets, we consistently innovate our work to largely extend your carpet’s life and quality. Let’s compare the difference between Van’s Chem-Dry and other traditional carpet cleaners.


The Equipment 

Traditional carpet cleaners utilize a technique called steam cleaning with their equipment. Instead of giving your carpets a deep clean, the traditional carpet cleaner’s equipment blasts gallons and gallons of water down onto your carpet. They do this to ‘loosen’ dirt and other particles for extraction when this actually ends up pushing them down further into your carpet where they can’t be extracted. While it looks like the surface of your carpet got a nice clean, the backings of the fibers are stuffed with wet dirt and built-up grime.

Van’s Chem-Dry’s equipment gently yet thoroughly cleans your carpets from top to bottom. Our equipment utilizes a technique known as Hot Carbonation Extraction. Instead of pumping gallons of water on your carpet, we employ the power of carbonation to attract and extract dirt and other contaminants from your carpet. 


The Products

Traditional Carpet Cleaners use detergents and other cleaning solutions that contain chemicals that could be potentially harmful to your family, especially if you have little ones or pets who like to play on the carpet. These chemicals can also cause a lot of wear and strain on your carpet. This can largely decrease its quality in color and texture over time. Traditional carpet cleaners also tend to leave behind traces of soapy residue which can attract dirt.

Van’s Chem-Dry is safer. The Natural®, our proprietary cleaning solution, is made from natural ingredients and doesn’t include any soaps or detergents. It qualifies for our rigorous green certification which you can read more about here. Because we don’t include detergents, you don’t have to worry about any dirt-attracting residue left over afterward. Your carpets will stay cleaner for longer. It’s completely safe for everyone in the family, even pets.


The Process 

family on carpet sacramento carpet cleaningTraditional Carpet Cleaners leave your carpets wet for significant periods of time before they dry completely. Because they use so much water to clean your carpets you could end up having to wait an entire day or two before they’re good to use. The excess water also seeps to the backings of the carpet fibers and even down to the padding to create a hotspot for bacteria, mildew, and mold growth. That doesn’t sound like good carpet cleaning.

Van’s Chem-Dry uses one-fifth of the water of traditional steam cleaning. This allows your carpets to dry in 1-2 hours and not 1-2 days. You can get back to enjoying your clean carpets much sooner. Rather than relying on pumped water to penetrate to the base of your carpet for complete extraction of dirt, we rely on the power of our hot carbonation extraction. Millions of tiny little bubbles penetrate deep within your carpet to attract and lift harmful particles to the surface where they will be powerfully extracted by our machines. Our process gives you much cleaner carpets with little to no interruption to your schedule.


We hope you trust us with your home’s next carpet cleaning appointment. For further explanation and comparison of Van’s Chem-Dry to other carpet cleaners in Sacramento and Elk Grove, please visit here. Our professional services also extend beyond carpet cleaning to clean your home’s most important areas. We proudly service Carmichael, Elverta, Gold River, North Highlands, Rancho Cordova, Rancho Murieta, Rio Linda, Rosemont, West Sacramento & Wilton, CA.